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Uninsured Services

As you are aware, essential medical services in Ontario are insured through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). There are many services, however, that are not covered by OHIP that consume a considerable amount of time for physicians and office staff. These are called “uninsured services” and it is the patient’s responsibility to pay for these services. It is our office policy to reserve the right to charge patients for these services in accordance with the 2011 Ontario Medical Association guidelines. However, many of our fees are lower than the guidelines.

We have made every effort to account for most of the commonly requested services that charge for. If the uninsured service you are requesting is not listed, we ask that you speak with our office staff for further clarification.

The fees contained in the list are based on two factors - the Ontario Medical Association’s recommended fees as found in the 2009 edition of the OMA’s guide to Third Party Other Uninsured Services, and fees that are charged in other local doctor’s offices.

All uninsured services must be paid in full when rendered. You have the right to receive a receipt and our office staff will provide you with one upon settlement of your account.

Should you be unable to pay for uninsured service at the time it is provided, please let the office staff know when and how you intend to settle your outstanding account. We will make every effort possible to assist you in the settlement of your outstanding account. Please note that our office accepts cheques, credit card and Interac payments. Where applicable, a charge of $ 20.00 for personal cheques that are returned N.S.F. by financial institutions will be added to patient’s accounts. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please see below the list of uninsured services that are the responsibility of the patient. Please note that “PD” means “physician designated”. The physician will make a decision on this charge based on the complexity of the service.

Charges for the transfer of medical records to another physician on receipt of your authorization to do so is based on three factors – how long it takes the physician to go through the file, how long it takes the staff to either copy the documents or type the narrative and the cost of copying and courier. We courier patient information because we respect your privacy and we do want assurance of delivery.

Our Obligation to Retain Your Medical Records and Your Right To Access

Physicians must always keep the original medical record themselves. Only copies of the record can be transferred to others. Regulation requires that physicians keep medical records for adult patients for 10 years from the date of the last entry in the record and for children, regulation requires that the physician keep the record until 10 years after the day on which the patient reached or would have reached the age of 18 years. As set out in the Supreme Court of Canada decision, McInerney vs. McDonald (1992) the patient is entitled to copies of all medical information in the patient chart including records prepared by other doctors. The patient is not entitled to the record itself but is entitled to a copy.

For further information, see the link below:

Are you aware that not all of the services that your pysician provides to you are insured through OHIP?
Listed below are services that you will be charged for.
Office Visit without OHIP $50.00
Driver's Medical Examination $125.00
Missed Regular Appointment $50.00
Missed Annual Physical Appointment $75.00
Appointment Cancellation less than 24 hours $30.00
Revenue Canada Ferderal Disability Tax Credit  $100.00
Employment Insurance - Maternity $50.00
Immunization Record Card Replacement $25.00
Return to Work or School note $20.00
Massage, Orthotics, Orthopedic shoes and physiotherapy note, note for Insurance purposes. $30.00
Citizenship Form Completion $100.00
Travel Cancellation Form $40.00
Attending Physician Forms - Insurance/Employment $50.00 and up
School. Camp, Pre-School, Daycare form completion $25.00
Liquid Nitrogen treatment for cosmetic reasons Physician Designated
Wart Removal - Skin Tag Removal $100.00/up
Full Narrative Insurance Report $150.00 per page and up
Excision on non-malignant lesion from skin $150.00 and up
Cortisone Injection  $20.00
Ear Syringe  $25.00
Pessary Insertion  (Cash or Cheque only) $70.00
TB test (two step) $60.00

Transfer of Medical Records:

If a patient requests that we transfer his or her records, regulations require that the transfer should take place in a timely fashion. While the term “timely fashion” is not defined, once we have been provided with a signed authorization to release the medical record, and we have received the fee payable for the transfer, we will endeavour to complete the transfer within seven days. Prepayment of the fee for a transfer of medical records is required. However, we will contact the patient to advise of the fee prior to proceeding with the request. We do charge a reasonable rate that reflects the cost of the materials used, the time required to prepare the material and the cost of couriering the material to the requesting physician. We send the documents by courier to protect the security of your medical records. If the patient prefers to pick up copies of the records at our office, please advise us. We cannot release original records but will release a copy as we are still obligated to retain the original record, in its entirety, for the time period required by regulation.

Fees for transfer:

The OMA Guide to Third Party Billing 2015 recommended rate is much higher that what AHMA charges. Our fee for the transfer of medical records is calculated using

Chart Transfer $35.00 administrative fee plus copying cost-$30.00 (first 20 pages) plus $0.25 per page thereafter, plus amount for physician review of records (where applicable) plus $25.00 charge for courier fees. 

We will accept VISA, Amex or Mastercard for your transfer fees.