Mon 21 Sep 2020


Booking an Appointment to see a Specialist

If your physician has advised you that you need to see a specialist our referrals Clerk, will coordinate that appointment for you.

The procedure for making an appointment on your behalf with the specialist requires that we fax a request to the specialist’s secretary who will then contact you with your appointment date and time. While we do our best to get you an appointment in a timely fashion, often this procedure takes a little longer than we all anticipate. The specialist’s office will contact you directly with the appointment but we will advise you directly if this is the case.

Please allow a minimum of three weeks before you contact us – it often takes this length of time for us to schedule your appointment.

Booking an Appointment for Extensive Testing (MRI, CT Scan, Stress Testing, Ultrasound, etc)

You are required to have an appointment with the hospital for these types of tests. We will fax the required paperwork (requisition) to the hospital on your behalf and the hospital will contact you directly with the appointment date and time.

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