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Summerville Family Health Team

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Due to COVID-19 our clinic is closed and only phone assessment appointments are being booked.  You will be assessed by your Doctor over the phone and he will decide if an in person visit is necessary.

Online booking is only for registered patients.  If you would like to become a patient please contact our office by phone.

1.   You can only book a phone assessment with your OWN Doctor. 

2.   Appointment time chosen is an APPROXIMATE TIME.

3.   Your Doctor may call from a private or blocked number.  

4.  If you miss the Doctor's call you will have to rebook your appointment as your Doctor can not just call you right back.

Once your phone appointment request is received and reviewed you will receive an email that your request has been accepted or rejected. To review the reason why your appointment has been rejected you must log in to your account.

You are NOW ready to book a phone assessement and talk to your Doctor.